Shri Ram Global School: Building Future With Holistic Approach

Schools are the hands that shape the life of a child. It is the place where the kids learn their first educational lesson and life principle. A proper school environment will help in developing a child’s moral values alongside their career.

Shri Ram Global School always keeps their student and their well-being first and provide all the facilities that will help in their growth and development. The school is built on around 10 acres of land with an environmentally friendly campus, big enough for the children to discover themselves. They give special attention to the formative years, so that the children are shaped into being a good human being. The spacious campus has all the facilities that will ensure that every student can reach their potential to the fullest.

What makes the school special?

The school works on the philosophy of having creative, activity-based learning, and not rote learning. This only makes Shri Ram Global School a good choice.

Some more reasons to choose Shri Ram Global School:

Special care: in this school, the focus is on producing successful minds and a good citizen who is the future of society. The teachers and the faculty shape these young minds so that no matter what path they choose in the end, they will be successful.

Learning process: Shri Ram Global School does not limit the teachers and the students to their assigned books. The whole teaching-learning process is activity-based and concept-based. The students and teachers do not need to have books on them to learn subjects as it is done through interactive sessions.

Holistic growth: the students are not only learning their subjects, but are also able to recognize their interests and talents. The school provides facilities that allow students to experience holistic growth. This is done by introducing them to different clubs and competitions.

Sports: apart from education, the students are also exposed to trying various sports to develop their inner athletes. The school has enough space to hold inter-school matches and have experienced and renowned coaches to guide these young players.


With the right infrastructure and facilities, there will be no hindrance in the development and growth of these young minds, which will shape society in the future. And Shri Ram Global School is aware of this, so they provide the students with every facility possible.

Educational laboratories

The school has all the science-related labs and provides a library that will provide that extra help to the students while learning new concepts. They also have an audio-visual room for all those interactive sessions.


The school has music, dance, and drama studios where the students can develop their performance skills. There are also arts and crafts rooms for honing those artistic skills.

Sports academy

The school has clubs and courts for every outdoor and indoor game.

Care facility

The school also provides crèche and daycare facilities for small kids. There is also a canteen and medical cell.


When students interactively learn something, they can absorb it faster, and Shri Ram Global School uses this approach for every grade level. They also have 24 students in every class that allows the teachers to give personal attention to every student. Now, this is a rare feature that cannot be found in schools today.

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